Our Process

Our Proprietary Process provides any community, facility or clinic the resources to feel Empowered at the Source of Treatment and embrace the tool of Personalized Medicine. Watch our video to learn more.

PGx fills in all the gaps between the clinical tool and the clinical application of the tool for communities, facilities and clinics working with, or desiring to work with Pharmacogenetics.

The goal of the PGx Process is to seamlessly integrate pharmacogenetic education, results and information into existing clinical programs such as:

  • Pain
  • Falls
  • Anti-Depression
  • Dementia
  • Anti-Psychotic

Each customer is provided with an initial assessment to help PGx understand what parts of our Process are most critical at the starting point. Each situation is unique, just like each resident or patient, and we provide assistance in areas such as:

  • Staff Education
  • Educational Materials
  • Physician consulting and training
  • Choosing the Appropriate Lab to partner with
  • Liaison between the Lab and the customer
  • Compliance consulting – Medical Plan of Action w/ Pharmacogenetics
  • On-Going Education for new staff members
  • On-Going CMS changes and protocol updates
  • Consultation guide for residents’/patients’ family members
  • Marketing Pharmacogenetics as part of your clinical program
  • Understanding CMS and Insurance requirements per Medical Necessity and reimbursement standards
  • Developing a Clinical Protocol for Testing (diagnosis, medication, co-morbidities, etc.)
  • Understanding Test Reports
  • Implementing Test Results
  • Providing Dashboard overviews for initial and on-going implementation

The PGx Process empowers each clinician and provider the ability to confidently enhance the quality of care and customer experience, while adding value and maximizing staff efficiencies with the implementation of pharmacogenetics.