For Doctors

As a physician working with the geriatric population, you understand as each of us age we don’t metabolize medications as quickly or tolerate the side effects. So dosing sometimes can be a challenge.

Pharmacogenetics is a well-established discipline of pharmacology.  It can help make medicines safer and more effective by genotype-based individualized therapy rather than prescribing by the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Currently, over 100 medications include pharmacogenetic information on the drug label. Pharmacogenetic testing can improve the likelihood of a beneficial outcome in terms of safety and/or efficacy.  It can also help reduce the time required to identify the correct drug and its dose and minimize exposure to potentially ineffective medicines.

The PGx Medical proprietary program provides evidence-based reports to more accurately assess how a patient’s body metabolizes medications and allows you to adjust dosages and avoid prescribing medications that may not even have the capability to be effective.

It is another piece of the puzzle that gives you precise information to help lead to better outcomes for your patients.

For more information on how you can incorporate pharmacogenetics into your patient care, contact PGx Medical, or 405-509-5112