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Have you ever been told to take a medication for a few weeks and see if it works?  It’s a guessing game and you continue to guess until you start feeling better.  This can take weeks, months, even years as you suffer through side effects, pain and sometimes adverse events from medications that don’t work.  Not to mention the cost of medications that don’t even have the ability to give you therapy.

Pharmacogenetics is a simple test that will help your healthcare team provide better “personalized” care and treatment options.

The term “personalized medicine” is often described as providing “the right person with the right drug at the right dose.”  The goal of personalized medicine is to streamline clinical decisions and avoid the “trial and error” process that providers have been using for so many years.

The pharmacogenetic test is a simple swab of the cheek that is 100% reimbursed by Medicare B and in some states, Medicaid.  This test will provide healthcare professionals with valuable information on how each individual person metabolizes medications based on their unique genetic make-up.

PGx Medical is the trusted and experienced resource for implementing pharmacogenetics in the field of aging services.   If you are interested in receiving a pharmacogenetic test for you or a loved one,  have your senior community or physician contact PGx Medical for more information, or405-509-5112.